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We are an established independant video games retailer located in Paddock Wood, Kent

Gameboy Color

Pokemon Yellow


UK 1st Class Recorded Delivery - 1.52

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Professor Oak gives you a Pikachu as your first Pokemon. This particular Pikachu doesn't like being cooped up in a Poke Ball, so you can actually see Pikachu as it follows your character on the screen.

You can look at Pikachu whenever you like, and observe changes in mood depending on how you've been treating it. Check out the Pika Page to learn how to keep your Pikachu happy.

Other special features of Pokemon Yellow include: Jesse and James from Team Rocket appear throughout the game. Special rewards for Trainers who keep their Pikachus happy. Rival gym leaders use different Pokemon and new battle strategies. Link two Pokemon Yellow cartridges for three new battle modes: Pika Cup, Poke Cup and Petite Cup!

Please note, all Gameboy Color games are compatible with Gameboy Color, Advance and SP consoles worldwide. For example, a US game will work without problems on a UK console and vice versa. All Gameboy Color games sold by Play N' Trade Online are official Nintendo products, we do not sell bootleg or 'pirate' cartridges.


With Paypal - 16.51 Including UK P&P


The purchase button above is for UK customers only. Please contact us for overseas shipping rates, bulk purchase prices and combined shipping costs.

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How to Order

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